Differences in Hair Removal

Sugaring Waxing
Luke Warm, no risk of burning HOT, known to burn skin
Hair is pulled out in the direction of growth, minimized or virtually no breakage of hair Hair is pulled out in the opposite direction of hair growth, more chances of broken hairs
All Natural, no harsh Chemicals Chemicals
Completely Sanitary, no Cross-Contamination Cross-Contamination may occur
Safe for Sensitive Skin- no reactions Not good for sensitive skin, swelling
Less painful more gentle Very Painful
Less virtually no ingrown hairs Can cause ingrowns
Sugaring Shaving
Removes the hair from the root Cuts hair on the skin surface
Regrowth is finer and thinner Hair grows thicker
Less money in the long term Spend more long term
No Stubble upon regrowth Create Stubble upon regrowth
Leads to permanency Does not lead to any permanency
Be Hair free for more than 3 weeks (no shaving) Shaving daily/weekly
no nicks and cuts of the skin Nicks and cuts can occur
Sugaring Laser
Less Money Not Cheap over $200 per session
Less painful Ouch!
Works on any body part Not available for brows
No reactions Swelling, redness, sunburned, and scarring, can discolor skin
Can remove any type of hair Only works on dark hair
Sugaring Electrolysis
Less Money Costs are high
No cross contamination, No bacteria Risks from these methods include infection from a unsterile needle and scarring from improper technique
Works on all body areas Only used for small areas.
Less painful, gentle alternative Painful

Why Us & Why Sugaring?

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We have mastered the art of Body Sugaring. With over 15 years of experience in Advanced Body Sugaring, we offer the highest level of service to all of Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Specializing in the Brazilian Bikini. We LOVE what we do.  All bodies, all genders, shapes and sizes, we welcome you!

Sugar Is a Pure, Natural Substance

Natural Substance

The sweetest part about J’ADORE Body Sugaring is our natural ingredients and perfect sugaring technique. We use sugar paste that is 100% natural- Water, Sugar and Lemon, making it safe for all skin types, hair textures and skin sensitivities.  Great for all ages and all bodies.  You'll love all our natural body products too!

Our Technique

Our Technique

Our sugaring technique is gentle and much different from waxing. Body Sugaring is by far the best thing in hair removal out there. It is not hot like wax so there is no risk of burning the skin! We remove hair with the direction of hair growth.  You'll LOVE the results! Come see us Today! Experienced, Trained and Professional.

People with varicose veins, dry-itch eczema or diabetes can get regular sugaring treatments. The sugar is used just above room temperature and doesn’t damage the skin, so varicose veins and diabetes contraindications are virtually non-existent. With eczema, sugaring will remove flaking skin without aggravating any flare ups or disturb the moisture barrier.

If you’re looking for a great hair removal treatment that is so exceptional for skin care, leaving you smooth and hair free ~ naturally… come see us at J’ADORE Body Sugaring two Winnipeg locations to serve you!